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Get to Know Pedro

Introducing the newest member of the Après Bar Co family: Pedro, our sweet and charismatic companion in beverage brilliance!  Pedro is more than just a burro; he's a symbol of the seamless fusion of quality libations and exceptional service that Après Bar Co is known for.

At Après Bar Co, we've always been committed to elevating your drinking experience, and now with Pedro by our side, we're taking it to a whole new level. Pedro brings his unique charm and style, turning every gathering into an unforgettable event.  Picture Pedro at your next event, delivering drinks with flair and spreading joy among your guests.
Pedro is not your average beverage service; he's a charismatic burro ready to serve your guests with style. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate event, or private party, Pedro adds a unique and Instagram-worthy touch that sets your gathering apart.

At Après Bar Co, we're not just raising the bar; we're bringing Pedro along to make it an extraordinary experience. Cheers to the perfect blend of sophistication, quality, and the delightful charm that only Pedro can provide! Welcome to the next chapter of Après Bar Co, where Pedro is the ultimate symbol of beverage brilliance.

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