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Meet Après Bar Co.

Apres Bar Co. launched in March 2021 after Des Moines-based Jillian Harrington took ownership of a mobile bartending service. Anyone and everyone can tap Après to shake up their soirees, who will create a custom drink menu for weddings, block parties, charity dinners and more.

Harrington’s cocktail adventures began at 23. She had just lost her job and picked up a part-time gig at a bar.  
“I didn’t really develop anything spectacular at that time, but I enjoyed making drinks, and the interaction I was able to have with people really grew my passion,” Harrington says.

Even when she worked full time in the insurance industry, Harrington kept bartending on the side. And what was once a way to pay the bills eventually evolved into a passion. This was especially true after she moved to Vail, Colorado, and began weaving in her personal inspirations—including a love of the mountains—and thinking of mixology as a craft. That’s also where the name comes from. “Après is French for ‘after,’ and ‘après ski’ is an exciting time in Colorado after the mountain closes for the day. Essentially, happy hour,” Harrington says.



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